Privacy Policy

Sard Wealth Management Group, LLC
Privacy Policy
Last Modified 3/15/2017

Your privacy is important to Sard Wealth Management Group, LLC.  We understand that the information you provide to us is private.  This policy outlines what information we collect, how we use it and how we protect it. We will affirm our Privacy Policy annually in writing with all current Clients.

We collect information about you to provide services and products to help you meet your financial goals and objectives and to allow us to provide high levels of customer service to you. We also gather information in order to help us fulfill our legal and regulatory requirements. Information collected may vary depending on the products and services requested and the scope of your relationship with us.

Information Collected about You: We collect nonpublic personal information about you through account and insurance applications, our financial planning questionnaire, and through our day-to-day meetings, interactions, and the services we provide. The following types of information are maintained:

  • Personal Information:  name, address, phone number,  tax identification number, date of birth, employment, children, wedding anniversary, and hobbies/interests
  • Financial Information: income, investment and bank accounts, insurance policies, investment experience, and net worth
  • Health Information:  personal and family medical history, diagnoses and prescriptions
  • Service-oriented information:  account balances, payment history, account numbers, and account activity

Disclosure of Personal Information:  We train our staff to take caution in handling personal information and keeping it secure. It is our policy not to share any private information with any businesses for marketing purposes. We do not disclose any private information with any outside firm with the exception of those that require specific information in order for a specific account to be established or to execute a specific transaction.  The following information is shared by us:

  • Personal and financial information:  shared with a brokerage firm or investment company to setup and manage investment accounts for you and with insurance companies to initiate an insurance policy on your behalf.
  • Health-related information: shared with insurance companies to initiate life, health, disability, or long-term care insurance on your behalf
  • All types of information:  shared with your accountant or lawyer to allow us to collaborate for your benefit.  We may be required by law or regulation to disclose information to third parties such as in response to a subpoena, to prevent fraud, to comply with rules and regulations to which we are subject, in response to inquiries from industry regulators, and in order to comply with our broker/dealer’s policies with whom our associated persons may be registered.

From time to time, we may provide via mail, email, or in person, investment reports of all household accounts to members of the same household.  Household accounts include those held by spouses (or domestic partners) of the same family, and minor children for which one parent is the custodian and/or owner of the child’s account.  We may answer general account questions relating to accounts of a member of the household for either spouse.

If you close your account or discontinue your relationship with us, we will continue to treat your information with the same attention to privacy as for active Clients.  Former Clients may request a current copy of our privacy policy at any time by calling our office at (404) 843-4483.

If you do NOT wish to have household account reports shared or object to our disclosing your private information as outlined in this policy, please provide us with a written statement clarifying your wishes.