Our Philosophy

The philosophy at Sard Wealth Management is quite clear – act in our clients’ best interest, take a comprehensive approach when reviewing all areas of their financial life, and communicate with them often. We believe that managing the wealth of our clients carries with it a tremendous amount of responsibility and we are grateful for the trust our clients have in us. There is not a “one size fits all” approach when creating a financial roadmap, which is why we consider the individual uniqueness of each of our clients.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that money is simply a tool to help achieve the peace of mind and quality of life you are looking for. For some people, investing seems simple – buy the highest rated investments across a number of different asset classes and do so when you can buy them low and then sell them high. While this seems easy, you know how the saying goes – β€œit is easier said than done.” With this in mind, we apply investment management strategies that have been shown over time to optimize returns while minimizing risk.

Our clients tend to be more focused on protecting and then growing their portfolios and we tend to manage wealth conservatively. We base our portfolio recommendations on multi-class investing that emphasizes diversification and asset allocation. In addition, we may recommend a certain percentage of your investments outside the stock and bond markets, for purposes of risk management and further diversification.

The result is a comprehensive, personalized solution that aims for a solid long-term rate of return. Our goal is to achieve market returns, but with less risk and volatility over the long term. Our clients know their portfolios have been specifically designed to help them withstand day-to-day and year-to-year fluctuations in the market so they can have financial peace of mind.